Made in Romania unique-in-the-world organic sweetener launches in London

Fructonata, an organic sweetener unique in the world due to the technology used, made by Romanian engineer Simona Bisboaca and her husband, was presented in London at the Natural & Organic Products Europe. 

The fair saw the launch of the Organic Orange Raw Fructonata, a fruit preserve made in Romania. It is concentrated in a vacuum at a temperature of under 42 degrees Celsius, and made without pasteurisation. The process preserves the fruit’s nutrients, phytonutrients and flavour.

The product is free of added sugar, pectins, preservatives, dyes and other food additives.

“We had three assortments of fructonata: cherries, oranges and blueberries, organic raw vegan products, obtained using our innovative method. It is the only product in the world made by preserving the fruit at a temperature below 42 degrees, without final pasteurisation so that the nutrients, fitonutrients, vitamins and flavour of the fresh fruit is preserved,” Simona Bisboaca said.

Oradea-born Simona Bisboaca is an engineer. Together with her husband, she worked on the product for 7 years. She describes the product as different from a jam or marmalade. It as an organic raw vegan product, with the biggest concentration of fruit which contains only sugars from the fruit, rich in vitamins, fibers and antioxidants, she said.

The two are planning to launch a range of products based on fructonata in 2019.


Made in Romania unique-in-the-world organic sweetener launches in London

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