Turning waste into money? Innovation makes it possible!

What is the key ingredient needed to turn waste in to money? Innovation, of course. As a researcher in wine chemistry and wine microbiology, Simona Bisboaca from Oradea (Romania) observed that during the wine making process, very often the grape seeds, skins and pulp remains were left unused by the local wine-makers. As there were no available solutions for putting these natural residues to use in some way, they were regarded as waste. Ms Bisboaca identified that this so-called waste possessed a significant potential for reuse. As she has always had an interest in the medical benefits of wine antioxidants she came up with the idea of developing a pharmaceutical product rich in antioxidants. So Ms Bisboaca began to develop a new technology that was able to extract the antioxidants in a very high concentration…..continuarea
sursa: http://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/eip/newsletters/index_en.htm

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